Memories of Dockton Forest

There was a time when the general purpose trails of Dockton Forest ladened with roots, rocks, and covered in the rich, Asarco-enhanced, loam. In other words, the trails were a “hoot” to ride and many a weekend was spent enjoying the shared-use terrain.

Today the general purpose trails of Dockton Forest have been “remediated“. Remediation in this case meant, removing all of the the roots, rocks, drainage issues (the fun stuff) and replacing them with smooth level paths covered with gravel (boring). Fortunately we have a historic archival footage of how things on the Dockton trails used to be. Check out this video provided by Geezer Rob of the south eastern loop.

Bonus points if you can guess the type of motorcycle in the audio track

There are rumors that trails with roots and vintage loam still exist in the forest of Dockton. If you run into a Geezer on the trail they may be able to point you to one of the many under-documented trails.

3 thoughts on “Memories of Dockton Forest

  1. Scott Rice says:

    Love this one and great footage from Wheeler. Thanks Cary and Rob for the content.

  2. Mark Schiltz says:

    The motorcycle audio clip…is it the hodaka combat wombat?

    1. Cary Bran says:

      I believe it is from a Norton Motorcycle… not sure the year 😉

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